• Investigative Inspections

    An investigative inspection is used to help determine the cause of a specific problem or look at one particular area of the home. This inspection can be used to identify the likely source of a problem such as air and water infiltration, or structural (foundation) concerns. Once identified, we can recommend improvements to help resolve the issue.

    It is important to note that some of the investigative techniques are temperature sensitive and may need to be completed when weather conditions permit. Additionally, depending on the problem being investigated, inspection recesses or other techniques may be recommended to provide the required clarity. All aspects of any proposed investigation such as schedule, cost, demolition, etc. will be reviewed prior to any work being undertaken.


    Thermal Imaging

    Infrared thermal imaging can  be used to diagnose many conditions in a building including air leakage, missing insulation, moisture within roof and wall assemblies and even insect or pest activity. An infrared scan can also be used to identify concerns with electrical components as well as locate radiant heating lines.

    Our Certified Level III Master Thermographer has extensive experience in the collection, review and analysis of infrared images having completed hundreds of scans including analysis thousands of images. A thermographic scan can be a stand alone service or can be added to any of our inspection services.